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Including meal planning, home-cooking demonstrations, nutrition education for groups, and one-on-one research evidence-based nutrition counseling with price points to fit everyone’s budget!

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MKE Nutrition’s Philosophy

MKE Nutrition believes that each and every one of our bodies is strong and beautifully unique to just you. We understand that not one person is the same. MKE Nutrition embraces that beauty and uniqueness and promises to treat each and every one of our clients with the care and understanding that you deserve. Every single one of us has our own goals and each one of us follows a different path to get there. Let MKE Nutrition guide you on that path, wherever your goals and dreams may lead you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: We currently do not accept insurance. This is something though that we are looking to accept in the near future.

Q: I have difficulty with chewing or swallowing, will this impact the recipes you create for me?
A: This will have NO impact on the recipes we create for you. MKE Nutrition promises that all recipes will not only be packed with flavor, but will also follow IDDSI guidelines.

Q: I don’t know if I can afford that much all at once, do you offer payment plans?
A: We do!! If you are interested in a service, but are a little tight on cash, just let us know. We are always happy to work out a payment plan with you that fits your budget.

Q: I really don’t want to sacrifice any of my favorite foods like pasta and cheesecake, but really want to lose weight. Is that even possible?
A: MKE Nutrition believes that ALL FOOD FITS, so that includes all of your personal favorites. Restriction of food has been shown to not lead to weight loss, but actually the opposite over time; weight gain. Having an understanding of the food we put into our bodies will help lead to better choices which in turn will lead to us obtaining the goals we set forth.

Q: I have a condition such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, etc. Are you still able to help me?
A: Yes! Utilizing a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, MKE Nutrition is able to provide medical nutrition therapy through evidence based healthcare and research to help you safely meet your personal nutrition goals.

MKE Nutrition Services

Individualized Nutrition Counseling

Meal Planning

In-Home Cooking Demos

Recipe Development and Consultation

Nutrition Education for Groups

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