MKE Nutrition Services

Individualized Nutrition Counseling

One-on-one nutrition counseling tailored to meet your own unique, individual needs. Whatever you are trying to achieve such as weight loss or even gain, better management of diabetes, improving your eating habits, the sky is the limit! MKE Nutrition is here to help you in all of your individual nutrition needs. One-on-one sessions are currently being held virtually. Initial session helps us build the foundation for your future and set goals to set you up for success. Follow-up sessions build on the initial session and help reinforce or re-tailor the individual’s plan for success. While working with MKE Nutrition on individualized nutrition goals, we promise to answer any questions or concerns in-between sessions to help you stay on track and to help you reach your goals. MKE Nutrition is here for you every step of the way!

Initial Session: 1 Hour 15 minutes @ $125
Includes the Following:
-Overview of client intake form (includes YOUR health history, current eating habits, physical activity,
current lifestyle habits, and 24 hour to 3 day minimum food recall)
-Discuss your INDIVIDUALIZED goals while working with MKE Nutrition
-Begin counseling and education for your individualized goals
-Establish obtainable goals that are fit for you and your lifestyle
-Weekly meal planning and grocery shopping guide template

Follow-up Session: 45 minutes @ $45
Includes the Following:
-Review of previous counseling and education and answer any questions
-Introduce new information to build off of for continuing counseling and education
-Review previous goals set and adjust to continue to meet your individual goals

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In-Home Cooking Demos

Sometimes we all need an extra hand in the kitchen, so why not make it better by having someone guide you in learning new cooking skills and help prepare the meal for you! Don’t want to do it alone? Invite some friends! This is a great way for an individual to enhance their cooking skills and techniques while also being a fun opportunity to get your friends or family together and prepare a meal with skilled pastry chef and MKE Nutrition’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Elizabeth Martin. Perfect for individuals looking to expand their skills, couples wanting to have a fun date night, even bachelorette parties!

Cooking Demo: Each 1 hour @ $75
*Maximum Group Size: 6
**Cost of Ingredients NOT Included

Included in In-Home Cooking Demo Purchase:
-Printed and digital copy of the recipe for every person attending with step by step instructions
-Take-home treat provided by MKE Nutrition

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Recipe Development and Consultation

Already have the cooking skills, but are stuck in a rut for recipe creation and development? Look no further! MKE Nutrition’s skilled pastry chef and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Elizabeth Martin, is here to help! This option is perfect for those who are planning a meal in their own home and also for those who own or manage a restaurant and are looking for some additional assistance. Every recipe will come with step-by-step instructions as well as serving size and nutrition information. Interested in knowing more about this unique service? Send us an email to find out more!

Pricing for recipe development and consultation is on a case-by-case basis.
MKE Nutrition encourages those interested in this option to reach out via email to discuss your needs and ideas!

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Nutrition Education for Groups

MKE Nutrition prides itself on being able to provide nutrition education for a wide variety of group settings with the topic of each class being tailored to that specific group. We work with businesses of all sizes in creating wellness programs. MKE Nutrition also prides itself on the ability to connect with children and teens to provide group nutrition education classes at their specific level of education. No matter the setting, situation, age, or education level, MKE Nutrition hopes to provide the nutrition education for your group!

Group Session: Each 1 hour @ $120

Included in Nutrition Education for Groups:
-Printed and digital copy of handouts provided during session
-This may include recipes, education handouts, really whatever is necessary to cater to your group session
-Take-home treat provided by MKE Nutrition

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Elizabeth Martin, RDN